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Golden Shovel Certified

The Golden Shovel is not just a certificate to us, it is a standard that all employees who work here must work by. Our goal is to eliminate all unsafe excavations and prevent accidents from ever happening. One of the ways we have such a high rate of success is by training all of our employees and making sure that they completely understand what an unsafe excavation is. All employees at Veterans Utility Services have the right to stop the job if they see something unsafe.

Gold Shovel Standard.JPG

Daily Safety Goals

One of the top safety risks we face every day is complacency. It does not matter if you work in the office or the field, complacency can happen anywhere. That is why we are dedicating this year to stay focus on daily task. Through the year we will have Super Safety Programs to keep everyone on their toes, so that we are "Think Safety Every Time" and "Work Safely Every Day".  At the end of the day everyone goes home.


COVID-19 Health & Safety

COVID-19 is still out there, and our company is focused on staying vigilant incase this virus resurfaces or in case of any emergency issues that would reduce our ability to support our customers.


Our company is focused on going the extra mile to keep everyone Safe & Healthy. The latest CDC guidelines and state regulations are checked daily and updated as needed. All crews are given a daily assessment based on the latest guidelines. If anything should happen to our crews, we are ready with fully qualified replacements to finish the job. 

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